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We’re here to connect employers with graduate business students through internships, rotational programs, and full-time employment. We know that each employer has unique needs, and our goal is to connect you to students through utilizing the right strategy to meet your needs. 

About our students

Our business graduate programs are among the best with over 350 students, including both MBA and MS Specialization degrees. Our diverse graduate student population reflects our regional and global world, and the strengths of our programs address relevant industry needs.  

Engaging and hiring our students

There are many ways and opportunities to engage and hire our students. To discuss the best strategy to meet your needs please schedule a call with Bert Rivera, Employer and Job Development Specialist, to find the best approach for you. Below are some strategies to get started: 



CareerLINK, our online recruiting portal, connects you to our student and recent alumni talent. Through CareerLINK, you can post your open positions, schedule on-campus interviews and information sessions, and register for upcoming career events. CareerLINK is a free resource provided for all of our employer partners.


  • Expose your full-time and internship opportunities to over 37,000 students and recent alumni
  • Allows you to brand your company to students who may not be familiar with your career opportunities
  • Gives you access to the on-campus interview process, job fairs and resume book
  • Provides you with updates on premiere career events and networking opportunities 

Guide (PDF) to setting up your account and posting a job 

Building your Brand

The best way to share your company’s brand with our students is to establish your presence on campus.  We are here to help you develop a customized plan to establish or develop your company’s presence:

  • Schedule an information session to promote opportunities within your company and meet with graduate students.
  • Participate in career fairs, both graduate business and campus-wide.
  • Take part in an industry panel or networking event to share your expertise with students.
  • Host a skill-building workshop, such as mock interviews, speed networking, or resume reviews. 
  • Connect with our graduate student organization, the Graduate Business Association, for guest speaking  events, industry specific activities and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Present as a guest lecturer on a topic of expertise as part of a relevant class.
  • Host students for a company tour to provide an up-close experience.
  • Propose a research and development project for your organization with our capstone MBA course to leverage their time and talent.

Interview on Campus

We make it easy for you to interview on-campus through CareerLINK by coordinating all of the logistics and scheduling. This is a free service provided for our employer partners. Benefits include:

  • Targeted marketing to students qualified for the position
  • Up to 7 individual interview rooms to use for multiple interviews
  • Convenient location to increase student participation 

Guide to setting up your account and scheduling interviews (PDF)

Virtual Recruitment

If your company is unable to make it physically to campus but still wants to engage students, consider virtual options. Opportunities include:

  • Post opportunities for internships and full time positions
  • Conduct information sessions or workshops remotely
  • Review our resume book for targeted recruiting
  • Schedule interviews with students via phone/Skype 

Hiring International Students

International students can bring immense value to the workplace, but are often overlooked by employers. Employers usually believe the hiring process is too complicated or a lot of extra work. However, it’s simpler than you may think! Benefits of hiring an international student include:

  • Large pool of qualified candidates open to opportunities
  • Increased global diversity for your organizations
  • Availability for internships and full time opportunities through CPT and OPT