Tech Tuesday

Hear from colleagues at CSULB and beyond who have tried different technologies and will share what they've learned. We'll showcase what you can do with these tools in your courses.

  • Blackboard ALLY
    Blackboard Ally is an accessibility tool used to automatically convert digital course materials into a range of alternative formats, such as HTML, MP3, and more. This presentation will give a broad overview of how Ally will be integrated into BeachBoard to facilitate the workflow for instructors when building course content. Learn more about BlackBoard ALLY
  • Qualtrics
    Qualtrics is a simple and secure web-based survey tool used to conduct survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities. With its strong data security features, Qualtrics is recommended for CSULB survey administration.
  • Gradescope
    Gradescope helps instructors grade assessments or exams online. After grading is completed, data of the exam or assessment is displayed on a dashboard and can be downloaded as an Excel file. The workflow allows students to receive faster and more detailed feedback on their work, and allows instructors to see detailed assignment and question analytics. It is an easy way to take submissions digitally and allow for quick and easy viewing from anywhere.
  • PlayPosit Interactive Video
    As an interactive, web-based video platform, Playposit allows instructors to provide formative assessment both inside and outside the classroom. Instructors are able to embed quiz-type questions into videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, and other popular video platforms. Data can then be analyzed on the individual or group level, providing powerful insight into learning trends in the classroom.
  • Poll Everywhere
    Using Poll Everywhere, students can vote on instructor-generated polls through text messaging with a smartphone, handheld device, tablet, laptop, or computer. Poll Everywhere can be used as a formative assessment strategy that enhances and amplifies classroom discussion, participation, and understanding. In addition to the interactive nature of the tool, polls can be integrated into PowerPoint presentations for real-time audience participation.