Guided Registration Information for Advisors

In accordance with EO 1110, first-year students at CSULB must enroll in Math (Quantitative Reasoning) and English (Written Communication) classes during their first year. Research proves that these foundational courses, if taken at the beginning of a student’s academic career, facilitates the ability for students to be successful during the transition to college-level academic work.

Guided Registration helps students register for the right classes for their first semester. Students in the following groups are supported by Guided Registration:

  • Students participating in Beach Academy
  • Students participating in First-Year Learning Communities (Beach XP)

If a student is participating in Guided Registration, the student’s information (including placement tests and class requirements) will be available on the Guided Registration Advisor Information page in Advisor Center.

On this page:

  • Benefitshow Guided Registration improves the enrollment process for first-year students
  • Instructions: how the process works, information on registration adjustments, and how to submit Requirement Overrides
  • Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides information about Guided Registration for academic advisors. Students should refer to Guided Registration.


  • Guided Registration supports first-year registration by identifying the appropriate course options for students, saving time and workload for students and advisors.
  • Course options are personalized based degree objective and placement tests. Support class options are included, if applicable.
  • Allows departments to offer First-Year Learning Communities that require participating students to enroll in specific class sections.
  • Supports the university’s compliance with EO 1110.
  • Supports GI 2025 Equity Priorities.


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Advisor Center was updated on December 1, 2023 with a brand new user interface! Visit the What's New with Faculty Center and Advisor Center page to familiarize yourself with the new experience. Tutorial screenshots may reflect the classic experience, but most steps remain the same. For a limited time, faculty and advisors have the option to revert back to "classic mode," if desired.

Please note that familiar links may now appear in expandable menus located on the top-right corner of each section of Advisor Center. To jump between MyCSULB centers and sections, click on the yellow button at the top-right of the screen (examples below):

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  1. Student’s high school record in Math and English is assessed to determine appropriate placement.
  2. Course requirements based on placement are provided to student and advisor through MyCSULB Student Center and Advisor Center.
    • Before SOAR, students with Guided Registration requirements receive an email notification.
    • Select advisors in each college can review placement information and course options in Guided Registration Advisor Information in Advisor Center.
  3. Adjustments will be made for test scores (ALEKS, AP, and IB), plan changes, and requirement overrides.
    • If a Guided Registration course the student has enrolled in is no longer required based on a change, it will be automatically dropped and the student will receive an email notification.
    • When an academic advisor overrides a requirement, the student receives an email notification.
  4. During Advising and Registration session, Guided Registration provides students with course options. Depending on the requirement, the student may:
    • Choose from several course options that all qualify for the requirement
    • Choose any class section of a specific course
    • Enroll in specific class section (the class number will be provided)
  5. Student registers for Written Communication (English), Math/Quantitative Reasoning, and/or Learning Community courses.
  6. Student registers for remaining pre-major and elective courses based on guidance from academic advisor.
Screenshot of Guided Registration Information in MyCSULB Stu
Screenshot of Guided Registration Information in MyCSULB Student Center


Select advisors in each college have access to guided registration requirements and course placement information for their students in Advisor Center. If the student has one or more service indicators that result in Guided Registration requirements, then the following information will be available to the academic advisor:

  • EO 1110 Assessments for Written Communication and Math/Quantitative Reasoning
  • Academic Test Results
  • Test Score Summary
  • Holds

To access Guided Registration information:

  1. Open the student’s record in Advisor Center.
  2. Select Guided Registration Advisor Information.


Screenshot of Guided Registration Advisor Information option

  • Students will not be able to drop Guided Registration classes once enrolled. However, if a student does need to drop the class for an extenuating circumstance (for example, the student only intends to enroll part-time), then the academic advisor can submit a Requirement Override.
  • Students can swap within their requirements as long as they are swapping into classes eligible to meet the same requirement.
  • If there are no spaces available in any Written Communication (English) or Math/Quantitative Reasoning class required by Guided Registration, students will need to enroll in a 0-unit section that allows them to bypass the requirement and enroll in their other classes in the meantime.
  • Guided Registration is only in effect through the end of self-service registration.

If needed, an academic advisor may submit a Requirement Override for a student. When a Requirement Override is granted, Guided Registration will no longer enforce the student’s enrollment for that requirement.

  • If the student is already enrolled, then the student has the ability to drop the class or classes that meet the overridden Guided Registration requirement. A Requirement Override does not drop the student from the class; any registration transactions must be completed by the student in MyCSULB Student Center.
  • Overrides only affect registration and do not waive or affect any degree requirements.
  • A requirement that is overridden and not completed will be carried forward to the next term in Guided Registration.

To submit a Requirement Override:

  1. Open the student’s record in Advisor Center.
  2. Select Guided Registration Advisor Information.


Screenshot of Guided Registration Advisor Information option
  1. Overrides are granted on a per-requirement basis. Therefore, you can override one requirement without overriding another.
  2. Select the Requirement Override button next to the requirement. Once selected, the button text changes to “Remove Override.”


Screenshot of Requirement Override process in Advisor Center
  1. If you hover over the Remove Override button, a tooltip will appear with the name of the staff member who submitted the override as well as the date it was submitted.


Screenshot of Requirement Override tooltip with user informa
  1. To remove an override, select the Remove Override button.


Screenshot of Remove Override process in Advisor Center

An email will automatically be sent to the student with information about the Requirement Override and instructions to drop the class by the self-service deadline. Although email notifications are processed once daily in the afternoon, overrides take effect instantly.


Looking to help a student update their Beach XP participation? Watch the tutorial video below to see how to:

  • Register a student in Beach XP classes
  • Change a student's Beach XP cohort
  • Remove a a student from Beach XP

Frequently Asked Questions


Guided Registration is a feature that helps first-year students register for the classes they need as they enroll for the first time and begin completing their degree requirements. This feature also supports the university’s compliance with EO 1110, which requires that all first-year students complete their Written Communication (English) and Math (Quantitative Reasoning) required classes during their first year at CSULB.

Guided Registration supports student enrollment in the the following classes:

  • Math/Quantitative Reasoning classes for first-year students participating in Beach Academy
  • Written Communication (English) classes for first-year students participating in Beach Academy
  • Classes associated with First-Year Learning Communities 

Students are not able to drop required classes, but may swap within their requirements as long as they are swapping into a class that still meets that requirement. 

Students are unable to drop classes that are part of Guided Registration. If a student is unable to complete a required class and needs to drop it, an academic advisor may grant a Requirement Override.

If a student can’t enroll in the Math or Written Communication (English) requirement because all class options are full, Guided Registration will alert the student and provide instructions to register for a placeholder class. The placeholder class is not a real class; it allows the student to temporarily fulfill that Guided Registration requirement so that they can register for their other classes. This placeholder class has 0 units and does not affect the student’s class schedule. The student will still need to complete the requirement by swapping into a real class if space becomes available or by enrolling in the class in the following semester.

All placeholder sections are numbered 99. Guided Registration will not allow students to register for placeholder sections if any other class section that meets the requirement has space available.

If the student’s placement changes after enrollment:

  • The student will receive an email with information about updated placement.
  • The class, if no longer required, will be automatically dropped.
  • The student will need to log back in to MyCSULB Student Center to enroll in the new class.


Beach XP, short for Beach Experience, is a learning community program for incoming first-time, first year students that aims to establish peer networks, enhance learning, build career connections, and cultivate community through friendship and fun.

Students participating in Beach XP will need to select a college-specific cohort before they enroll in any additional classes during registration.

Explore the resources below to learn more:

For more questions and support with Beach XP, email