Guided Registration Information for Advisors

In accordance with EO 1110, first-year students at CSULB must enroll in Math (Quantitative Reasoning) and English (Written Communication) classes during their first year. Research proves that these foundational courses, if taken at the beginning of a student’s academic career, facilitates the ability for students to be successful during the transition to college-level academic work.

Guided Registration helps students register for the right classes for their first semester. Students in the following groups will be supported by Guided Registration in Fall 2022:

  • Students participating in Beach Academy
  • Students participating in First-Year Learning Communities

If a student is participating in Guided Registration, the student’s information (including placement tests and class requirements) will be available on the Guided Registration Advisor Information page in Advisor Center.

On this page:

  • Benefitshow Guided Registration improves the enrollment process for first-year students
  • Instructions: how the process works, information on registration adjustments, and how to submit Requirement Overrides
  • Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides information about Guided Registration for academic advisors. Students should refer to Guided Registration.


  • Guided Registration supports first-year registration by identifying the appropriate course options for students, saving time and workload for students and advisors.
  • Course options are personalized based degree objective and placement tests. Support class options are included, if applicable.
  • Allows departments to offer First-Year Learning Communities that require participating students to enroll in specific class sections.
  • Supports the university’s compliance with EO 1110.
  • Supports GI 2025 Equity Priorities.