Ask Elbee

Introducing Ask Elbee, our new chatbot that helps students get answers to their questions 24/7! Ask Elbee can answer questions about admission, financial aid, scholarships, student records, registration, and more.

Go ahead and try asking your questions now! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • How do I apply for admission?
  • What does pending financial aid mean?
  • When is orientation?
  • How long does it take for my transfer credit to appear?
  • What happens after I apply for graduation?


Ask Elbee Chatbot Bubble

Get immediate answers, 24/7

You can find Ask Elbee on any Enrollment Services webpage! Ask Elbee knows the answers to hundreds of CSULB-specific questions and is always learning more. Applicants, current students, and their families can get answers anytime and anywhere.

Ask Elbee Chatbot Bubbles in Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnames

Ask Elbee speaks four languages

Ask Elbee can speak four languages: English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), and Vietnamese. All you need to do is ask your question in your preferred language and Ask Elbee will answer in that language automatically.

Chatbot Suggestions Lightbulb Icon

Suggested follow-up questions

Maybe you're not sure what to ask next. For many questions, Ask Elbee will suggest follow-up questions that are related to your previous question. Select from the list of suggested questions to get your next answer!

Chatbot Menu with Download transcript option selected

Save your answers for later

Once you've finished your conversation, you can download a copy of it to refer to later. Any links Ask Elbee shared with you will work in your downloaded copy.

Ask Elbee options to escalate to Admissions, Financial Aid a

If Ask Elbee can't answer your question…

Sometimes, Ask Elbee can't answer your question. This may be because we haven't taught Ask Elbee the answers for that topic yet or your question is specific to your student record. If that happens, you'll be able to submit your question as an online inquiry for a staff member to respond to later.

Frequently Asked Questions