Grading Information for Faculty and Staff

This page provides information about grading for faculty and staff. Students should refer to Understanding Grades and Grading.
Instructors submit grades (mid-term progress and final) online through MyCSULB Faculty Center, which is the official system of record.

CSULB's grading policies and procedures are outlined in Policy Statement 22-02.

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In most cases, classes are graded on an A-F scale. However, there are additional grading marks used for specific circumstances. Refer to Understanding Grades and Grading for information about grading marks.

To provide feedback to students at the midpoint of the fall and spring semesters, instructors may submit mid-term progress reports. Mid-term progress reports are a valuable opportunity for students to review their progress in their classes and take action to maintain or improve their academic performance.

  • Mid-term progress reports use the same grading scheme as final grades.
  • These grades will not appear on students' transcripts or affect their GPAs, but they will provide timely information to your students.
  • Submitting mid-term progress reports is voluntary.
  • If you decide to submit mid-term reports in your classes, you must assign a grade to each student.


Final grades are due no later than the last day of the semester. Once submitted, grades are posted to our secure student information system the following business day for students to access via MyCSULB Student Center and are considered the official final grades.

Please make every effort to submit your grades as soon as possible. Late submission results in delays for all CSULB students, not just for those students with missing grades, and can affect financial aid and graduation.

If a student is unable to complete all of the assigned work, has successfully completed a substantial majority (approximately two thirds or more) of the course requirements, and has unforeseen but fully justified reasons for not finishing the class, you may choose to assign them an Incomplete (I) grade. If you assign an I grade to a student, you will need to complete an Incomplete Grade Agreement for the student.

Changes to final grades can only be considered on the basis of a technical error, a successful grade appeal, or the resolution of an Incomplete (I). All changes must carry the recommendation of the instructor, the department chair, and the dean of the college that offers the course. Except for changes of final course grades resulting from grade appeals, all changes of final course grades must be filed within one year from the date of the filing of the first final course grade, without respect to continuous enrollment of the student.

Although CSULB presumes that grades assigned are correct, the university has also established a Grade Appeal procedure both to protect students against academic and administrative evaluations and decisions that are prejudicial, capricious, or arbitrary.