Beach XP

A Learning Community for First-Time, First-Year Students

At California State University, Long Beach, we believe students are most successful when they experience meaningful connections as part of a community that welcomes learners from all backgrounds and experiences. Beach XP, short for Beach Experience, is a learning community for incoming first-time, first year students that aims to establish peer networks, enhance learning, build career connections, and cultivate community through friendship and fun. 

Students enrolled in Beach XP enter into college-specific cohorts, and meet with the same peers each week for designated courses that count toward their general education or major-specific requirements. Beach XP is designed to create connections and support our students' educational goals, bringing important opportunities and resources directly to them.

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Beach XP is a program that offers first-time, first-year students a chance to kick-off their academic career as part of a learning community within their college.  The program aims to enhance the college experience by helping students forge lasting peer connections and academic success.

Each college's Beach XP pathway will be unique, but all programs will feature:

  • College-specific cohorts
  • Smaller class sizes and personalized contact with professors
  • Various optional social activities to choose from (in and outside of the classroom)
  • Tutoring and mentorship opportunities
  • Connection with career services, financial aid counseling, and more!

Students will meet weekly for select courses as part of their major or general education requirements. Classes take place throughout the campus community, and the College for Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE) serves as home base Beach XP.

Beach XP is open to newly admitted first-time, first-year students at CSULB. Criteria for joining Beach XP may vary by college, but students who have already completed one or more of the courses offered should note they will not be eligible to participate.

Beach XP aims to provide first-time, first-year students with tools to lay the foundation for success at CSULB.

Participating students can look forward to the following perks:

  • Having a home base for learning and activities
  • Building your peer network and getting to know the campus together
  • Gaining support navigating important first-year requirements, such as completing GE and major-specific coursework
  • Receiving personalized guidance and connections to campus resources
  • Participating in hosted social activities and skill-building opportunities
  • and more!

For information on your college's unique Beach XP program, including eligibly criteria and benefits of getting involved, navigate to the page detailing how you can Join Beach XP Through Your College