Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply to join a Beach XP program through your college, all of which will have a unique application and enrollment process. To find out more about your college’s Beach XP program, click here.  

Students who are notified of their acceptance into a Beach XP program will enroll when registering for classes during SOAR in the summer. Students will then be placed into the college major classes that make up their Beach XP program. An activity hour embedded in the program will offer learning community experiences in each Beach XP cohort.  

No. Beach XP is a free program for our enrolled Beach XP students. 

No. The classes offered through Beach XP are exactly the same courses you would be taking as part of your major outside of the program.  

Being a part of this learning community comes with added benefits, including help navigating campus resources, smaller class sizes, and an activity hour that aims to establish peer networks, enhance learning, build career connections, and cultivate community through friendship and fun.  

Students enrolled in Beach XP are organized into cohorts based on their college major. Students will meet with their cohort weekly for classes that count toward their major or general education requirements. The cohort schedule will also include an activity hour with experiences embedded into the program.

The activity hour embedded in your Beach XP program offers numerous opportunities to build community with your peers and enjoy new experiences. Below are some activities your Beach XP cohort might participate in: 

  • Student workshops and opportunities, including 
  • Career exploration 
  • Leadership Academy   
  • Student Organizations 
  • Wellness learning  
  • Financial literacy    
  • Peer mentorship 
  • Financial aid  
  • Scholarships 
  • Tour of Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden  
  • Group outings to athletic events 
  • Smorgasbord, a welcome fair for students 

       … and more! 

Students in Beach XP will be supported by a peer mentor in their first year. This is an upper-division CSULB student who can provide resources, support and mentoring to help first year students transition from high school to college. 

All first-time first-year students at CSULB must enroll in Math (Quantitative Reasoning) and English (Written Communication) classes during their first year in compliance with EO 1110. Guided Registration is a feature in MyCSULB Student Center that identifies your required classes for your first and second semester at CSULB.

Learn more about Guided Registration and watch the preview video.

No. The Beach XP program is designed around college major courses. Therefore, you must continue to be enrolled in your major-specific classes to remain in your cohort. A student who decides to switch out of their major will not be able to continue in the Beach XP program. 

Reach out to your professor or your Beach XP mentor for support to help you through any struggles you may be experiencing while in the program. They are there to help you succeed!

Please note that students are not able to drop from individual Beach XP classes. If you think you may need to withdraw from your Beach XP cohort, you will need to drop all applicable classes. Connect with your advisor for support and questions. (View the listing of undergraduate advisors)

Students are not able to drop from individual Beach XP classes. If you think you may need to withdraw from your Beach XP cohort, contact your academic advisor for support and next steps. (View the listing of undergraduate advisors)