Additional Resources

Some of the resources that are available on campus don't belong to the categories above. Here is a list of all other resources that might be useful to you. If you have made it here in your reading, that means you are very vested to integrate yourself into the campus life.

We encourage you to also check out the searchable Campus Resources page for more resources that can support your study at CSULB.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

If you are an undergraduate student, graduate student, or earning your credential, there are different types of aid available to you depending on where you are in your educational journey. Detailed information concerning student financial assistance may be obtained from the Beach Central Services in Brotman Hall 201, 562.985.5471.

If you have a question about submitting financial aid documents, scholarships, federal work-study, appeals, or Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), Beach Central is the one-stop center for you to get all your questions answered. You can start by joining the queue online or stop by the Beach Central Windows on the 1st floor courtyard of the Brotman Hall.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office is the official hub for scholarship information at CSULB. They collect, organize, and distribute information on hundreds of external scholarships as well as administer University scholarships for the campus.

BeachScholarships allows you to apply for campus scholarships through one system and one application. You can also search for external scholarship opportunities through the system. Notice that continuing students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics may be eligible for a number of scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are applied to through the BeachScholarships system. Be sure to navigate to the end of the page to find more department specific scholarships.

If you have questions about your METRIC scholarship and how it impacts your financial aid package, please email Oliver Mamangun ( and Dr. Jen-Mei Chang ( directly with your questions.

The Office of Equity and Diversity

Title IX prohibits gender discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. If you have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, dating/domestic violence, or stalking, the campus confidential Victim's Advocate is available to help.

While students are welcome to discuss assaults with faculty, both faculty and teaching assistants are mandatory reporters who are required to report all incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct to the Title IX office for follow-up and possible investigation.

Students who do wish to report the assault for possible investigation may contact the confidential victim's advocate, who can help them through the reporting process, or they can report the assault directly to the Title IX Office by completing an online reporting form or contacting the Office of Equity and Diversity at

Women's Gender and Equity Center

The Women's and Gender Equity Center (WGEC), located in Student Success Center Room 240, aims to inform and prepare the campus and larger community to foster an understanding of gender that is continually evolving in academia and society. Their responsibility is to promote gender equity affairs among individuals of diverse gender identities and expressions through an intentional educational approach rooted in social justice principles. Thereby advocating change for those affected by gender-based oppression.

Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA)

Office of Multicultural Affairs at CSULB strives to intentionally create an inclusive and diverse campus community that promotes personal, academic, and professional development while embracing a nurturing atmosphere that cultivates a need for social change.

They maintain a list of student cultural resource centers. Visit the website to find out more information about the following centers:

  • Pan-African Student Cultural Resource Center
  • American Indian Student Cultural Resource Center
  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Student Cultural Resource Center
  • Muslim Student Cultural Resource Center
  • Puvungna Student Cultural Resource Center
  • LGBTQ Resource Center
  • Raza Student Cultural Resource Center

Beach Transfer Transition Center

The Beach Transfer Transition Center (BTTC) is a part of the Beach Academic Resource Center (BARC) and is located in the Student Success Center (SSC) room 220. The BTTC seeks to serve the needs of CSULB transfer students, providing a physical space to create community. The BTTC acts as a referral center, connecting students to support services throughout campus. They offer meet-ups and workshops to help integrate transfer students into the campus community.

Graduate Center

The Graduate Center, located in the University Library, 202B/C, offers many workshops (e.g., GRE prep, applying to graduate school, thesis and dissertation formatting, creating a CV/resume for graduate school, writing the statement of purpose for graduate school, etc.) to help students prepare for materials to their applications of graduate programs.

Check out the Graduate Center event schedule.