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Michael Peterson
Dr. Michael Peterson from the Physics and Astronomy Department presents on some of his research about exotic phases of matter. May 7, 2021 at 7:00pm via Zoom. Registration required.
Kagba Suaray
Dr. Kagba Suaray, a professor in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at CSULB, is at the helm of national movement to get Black kids excited about math.
santa's sleigh in the sky
Dr. Thomas Gredig and Dr. Galen Pickett from our Department of Physics and Astronomy discuss the physics of how Santa keeps his sleigh in flight and how he manages to get to all of the world's children in one night.
Dr. Lihan Wang
Dr. Lihan Wang, assistant professor of mathematics at CSULB, uses geometric analysis involving differential equations and geometry in her research examining unique shapes and how we interact with the universe around us.
Slipper Orchid Plant
Our greenhouses, located on the roof of the Hall of Science, are home to plants from all over the world. This Halloween season we wanted to highlight some of our more ghastly residents.
Dr. Katarzyna Slowinska
Dr. Katarzyna Slowinska, a chemistry and biochemistry professor, has partnered with Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido to further her research on the properties and behavior of collagen and collagen-inspired materials.