Prospective Science and Math Students

We thank you for your interest in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) at California State University, Long Beach. CNSM is a national leader in integrating undergraduate research and education.

Our student-centered instructional and research environment fosters equity, diversity, and access; mentors students for lifelong success by elevating character, skills, and mindset; creates scientific knowledge through research; and promotes science and mathematics in our community.

What We Offer

  • Undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Unique degree options
  • Weekly seminars from global experts
  • Customized, directed research opportunities
  • Field experiences

What We Can Do For You

  • Hands-on laboratory training
  • Internship and teaching opportunities
  • Stepping stone to a great career
  • Preparation for graduate school

We. Love. Research. How About You?

CNSM students have the unique opportunity to engage with their faculty and fellow undergraduate and graduate students on research projects throughout their undergraduate career at CSULB. Participation in research helps students develop skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication. These skills are highly valued in any career; they are real-world skills often not explicitly emphasized in classes or scheduled laboratories but of primary concern to employers.

Our research seeks to address questions asked in a wide variety of subjects including astrophysics, heart and neurologic disease, cancer drug delivery methods, earthquakes, and "urban ocean" issues such as overfishing, pollution, and invasive species.

Explore our Student Research Programs to get a sense of the opportunities available for students. These research programs aim to enhance knowledge and individual skillsets, and to ultimately help students explore fields leading to their career in STEM.

Degree Programs

CNSM offers an array of degrees that will prepare students for professional careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). With research and scholarship at the forefront, CNSM trains the next generation of data scientists, health professionals, educators, and researchers to meet the needs of our changing world.

Earning a degree from CNSM at California State University, Long Beach means that you will have access to individualized educational pathways while building community and connection with students, faculty, and staff. We welcome you to explore our degree options and find out what training, research experience, and mentorship is available when you join us at CNSM.

The following is a quick list of the degrees offered by CNSM, sorted by academic department.

Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Biology, B.S.
  • Biology Education Option, B.S.
  • Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology Option, B.S.
  • Organismal Biology Option, B.S.
  • Marine Biology, B.S.
  • Microbiology, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Biology, M.S.
  • Microbiology, M.S.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Biochemistry, B.A.
  • Biochemistry, B.S.
  • Chemistry, B.A.
  • Chemistry, B.S.
  • Materials Science Option, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Biochemistry, M.S.
  • Chemistry, M.S

Earth Science

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Earth Science, B.S.
  • Geology, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Geology, M.S.

Environmental Science and Policy

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Environmental Science and Policy, B.A.
  • Environmental Science and Policy, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Sustainability Management and Policy, M.S.

Mathematics and Statistics

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Mathematics, B.S.
  • Applied Mathematics Option, B.S.
  • Mathematics Education Option, B.S.
  • Applied Statistics, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Applied Statistics, M.S.
  • Mathematics, M.S.
  • Applied Mathematics Option, M.S.
  • Mathematics Education for Secondary School Teachers Option, M.S.

Physics and Astronomy

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Physics, B.A.
  • Physics, B.S.
  • Materials Science Option, B.S.

Graduate Degrees

  • Physics, M.S.
  • Applied Physics Option, M.S.
  • Professional Physics, M.S.

Science Education

Undergraduate Degrees

Science Education does not award undergraduate degrees, but the department can help undergraduate students prepare for a graduate degree in science education while they work on their bachelor's.

Graduate Degrees

  • Elementary and Middle School Science Education Option, M.S.
  • Informal Science Education Option, M.S.
  • Secondary Science Education Option, M.S.