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Women's & Gender Equity Center


The mission of the Women's and Gender Equity Center (WGEC) is to inform and prepare the campus and larger community to foster an understanding of gender that is continually evolving in academia and society. Our responsibility is to promote gender equity affairs among individuals of diverse gender identities and expressions through an intentional educational approach rooted in social justice principles. Thereby advocating change for those affected by gender-based oppression.


The vision of the Women’s and Gender Equity Center is to create an equitable learning environment for all to become empowered citizens that enact change towards building an inclusive and compassionate society.


The programs and services the WGEC offers are rooted in:

  • Advocacy
  • Community Building
  • Education
  • Self-Empowerment

We Offer

  1. An open space for study, small group meetings, or participating in social activities.
  2. Computer stations, refrigerator, microwave, and light refreshments (coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snacks).
  3. Printing for WGEC community members, that promotes WGEC to others, and follows WGEC on social media accounts.
  4. Referrals to on-campus and the Greater Long Beach community resources for CSULB students and recognized student organizations.