Science Shop Services

The CNSM Science Shop provides machining and fabrication services, as well as equipment diagnostics and repair, for students, staff, and faculty to meet the needs on teaching and research in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

The Team

The Science Shop is located in HSCI-24A (basement). Phone: 562.985.4841

The Science Shop is staffed by 2 full-time Special Equipment Technicians:

Services Provided

The Science Shop provides services including, but not limited to:

  • manufacturing and mechanical design
  • machining (lathe and mill)
  • cnc design and fabrication
  • prototyping
  • welding (mig and tig), soldering, brazing
  • compression, tension, hardness testing
  • heat treating
  • light plumbing
  • acrylic/plastics design and fabrication
  • woodwork design and fabrication
  • sheet metal design and fabrication
  • lab equipment calibration, maintenance, and repair
  • lab water system maintenance and repair
  • overhaul of vacuum pumps and compressors
  • lab refrigeration diagnosis and repair
  • water bath and platform shaker repair
  • seismic bracing and assistance with safety requirements
  • facilities management

If you are unsure of either the services provided or how best to describe your project, please email or call Brent or Mohammad.