Volunteers in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) deserve recognition for their contribution to the College. The college recognizes each volunteer with an official appointment by the Dean. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • learning experiences for high school students
  • interested community members assisting with research and support for teaching
  • collaborative research with peers from industry and other research institutions

Volunteers agree to provide a service in exchange for no paid compensation. The College wishes to recognize that service with an appropriate title and additional benefits appropriate to the appointment.

The CNSM Request to Volunteer Form notifies the college of a volunteer's intent to work under the supervision of a CNSM employee. The Dean is the appointing authority for volunteers in CNSM. The supervisor provides a supporting statement describing duties and qualifications to work in the proposed assignment. Requests for volunteer assignments require five business days to process.

Volunteer Appointment Requirements

Volunteer appointment in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics requires the following:

Safety training is mandated for all employees in CNSM, which includes volunteer employees. When a volunteer is appointed, the Science Safety Office is notified. All volunteer employees need to complete the required safety training prior to working the in CNSM. If the volunteer is off-site, contact the Science Safety Office (562.985.5623) or CNSM-Safety@csulb.edu to make arrangements.

Please allow 5-8 business days to process an appointment. A volunteer's appointment is official upon receipt of a letter of appointment from the Dean. Upon receipt of their appointment letter, volunteers may complete the Volunteer I.D. Card Application that will be enclosed with their appointment and take it to the CSULB ID office in the University Bookstore. If newly affiliated with CSULB, volunteers will receive a CSULB Identification Number.

Matriculated* students volunteering over the summer to receive credits for that work in the fall are considered regularly enrolled students. They are not volunteers. Their student status applies; no additional paperwork is needed. However, if students will be working unsupervised in a lab or in the field, safety training is still required.

*Matriculated: students who were enrolled in the spring term and are enrolled for classes in the fall through regular enrollment (not Open University).