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EE Class of 2020

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Earning an engineering degree takes perseverance and commitment even in the best of times, so we appreciate your flexibility and patience as we transitioned to online learning. We would like to join you in celebrating your tremendous accomplishment and wish you all the best in your future career. We hope you will treasure the years you spent at The Beach and the friendships and associations you made.


Service Awards (pdf)

  • Mohammed Fakhro
  • Frankie Mendez 
  • Sean Sherrard 
  • Brandon Serna
  • John Vang (Staff)

Outstanding Students (pdf)

  • Hieu Bui, BSEET  
  • Huy Bui, BSEET
  • Nathaniel Tovar, BSEE
  • Lucas Gutierrez, MSEE
  • Samson Ho, MSEE 
  • Sainesh Karan, MSEE
  • Mohsen Babaeian, PhD
  • Son Doan, PhD
  • Ali Fadaei Tehrani, PhD   

Senior Design Project Videos

EE400D, EE Design Project, Gary Hill 

  • Build a Block, Parker Anderson, Grace Hutchinson, Brandon Serna
  • Mini Rosco, Giann Bullo, Darren Chan, Alex Margaris (Sponsor: Arxterra)

EE471, Design of Control Systems, Dr. Hossein Jula

EE488, Communication System Design, Dr. Sean Kwon