EE Faculty

Name Title Office Phone Email Office Hours
Dr. Madhu Gupta Interim Department Chair ECS-510 562.985.4899 NA
Dr. Aftab Ahmed Assistant Professor ECS-507 562.985.7806 T 2:30-3:30PM, W 9-11AM
Dr. James Ary Professor ECS-520 562.985.8053 TTH 9:15-10:45AM and W 5-6PM
Dr. Chin Chang Professor ECS-523 562.985.5150 No instruction F22
Dr. Anastasios Chassiakos Professor ECS-508 562.985.4278 TTH 1-2PM and F 12-1PM
Dr. Chris Druzgalski Professor ECS-505 562.985.8054 MW 3:20-4:30PM
Dr. Fumio Hamano Professor ECS-515 562.985.7580 No instruction F22
Dr. Ava Hedayatipour Assistant Professor ECS-504 562.985.8034 M 1-2PM and W 10-12PM
Dr. I-Hung Khoo Professor, ET Advisor ECS-517 562.985.5082

Advising: MW 2-2:45PM

M 5-7PM and W 2:45-4PM

Dr. Sean Kwon Assistant Professor/EE Graduate Advisor ECS-502 562.985.1556 Advising: TH 10:30AM-12:30PM (via Zoom)
Dr. Anna Lee Assistant Professor ECS-513 562.985.8049 By appt.
Dr. Mohammad Mozumdar Professor ECS-521 562.985.5106 MW 5:15-6:15PM
Dr. Robert Teng Professor VEC-407 562.985.5107 Virtual by appt.
Dr. Mahmoud Wagdy Professor ECS-522 562.985.5110 Virtual by appt.
Dr. Fei Wang Professor/ EE Undergraduate Advisor ECS-503 562.985.4407

MW 9-9:30PM (via Zoom) 

Advising: M 12-1PM and 2-3:30PM (Walk-in) and W 2-3:30PM (appt.)

Dr. Henry Yeh Professor ECS-516 562.985.1517 Email for appt.
Name Title Office Phone Email Office Hours
Wajdi Aghnatios Part-time  Lecturer ECS-506 562.985.1514 MW 9:15-10AM 
Dr. Saleh Al Jufout Part-time  Lecturer ECS-506 562.509.9228 TTH 4-5PM
Juan Castaneda Part-time  Lecturer ECS-501 562.985.8043 TH 6-7PM
Fred Chung Part-time  Lecturer ECS-506 562.985.8043
M 10-11AM and W 11AM-12PM
John De Sulima Przyborowski Part-time  Lecturer ECS-513 562.985.5097 MW 8-8:30AM and TTH 12:30-1PM
Arthur Densmore Part-time  Lecturer ECS-509 562.985.8043 TTH 10AM-12PM
Tony Hoang Part-time  Lecturer ECS-516 562.985.8043  
Dr. Sammuel Jalali Part-time  Lecturer ECS-513 562.985.8043 MW 10:15-11AM and W 1:30-2:30PM
Dr. Hossein Jula Full-time Lecturer ECS-501 562.985.8043 TTH  4:15-5PM
Yachi (Ann) Liu Full-time Lecturer ECS-501 M 1:30-2:30PM and W 11AM-12PM and 1:30-2:30PM
William Lopez Full-time  Lecturer ET-113 714.767.7967 MW 4:30-5PM and  9:45-10:15PM; and F 2-2:30PM and 4:45-5:30PM
Walter Martinez Part-time  Lecturer By appt.
Dr. Maryam Moussavi Part-time  Lecturer ET-114 562.985.4281 Virtual MW 3-4:30PM
Mohammad Rahnavard Part-time  Lecturer ECS-501 562.985.8043 TTH 9-9:30 AM and F 9-10AM
Saravana Raman Part-time  Lecturer ECS-509 562.985.8043 MW  10-11AM
Dr. Behruz Rezvani Part-time  Lecturer ECS-516 562.985.8043 MW 8:30-9AM and 10:30-11:30AM and TTH 10:30-11:30AM
Leo Rodriguez Part-time  Lecturer ECS-313/VEC-501 562.985.2410 MW 4:15-5PM or by appt.
Dr. Parvin Shariat Part-time  Lecturer VEC-505 562.985.5190 TTH  2-3:45PM or by appt.
Dr. Ali Sleiman Part-time  Lecturer ECS-506 562.985.8043 W 5-7PM and TH 5-6PM
David Taggart Part-time  Lecturer VEC-325 562.985.8023 Virtual after class by appt.
Mohammad Talebi Full-time Lecturer ECS-518 562.985.1514 MW 6-7PM
Dr. Duc Tran Part-time Lecturer TBD 562.985.8043 Email for appt.
Jun Zhou Part-time Lecturer ECS-509 562.985.8043 ECS-509