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Freshmen Questions FAQ

Why should I choose the College of Business?

The College of Business  (COB) at CSULB provides well-rounded curricula that prepare students for the competitive world of business. COB is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International(AACSB), which represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide, and is also continually rated as one of the Best Business Schools by Princeton Review. 

COB extends beyond the classroom through a variety of co-curricular activities. Our student organizations are award-winning and highly connected to our Corporate Partners. The Student Center for Professional Development provides students with the opportunity to gain leadership skills, fine-tune business etiquette and networking skills, establish internships, and create professional mentoring opportunities. Our students also have opportunities to put what they have learned into practice by competing in programs such as the Student Managed Investment Fund, Innovation Challenge, Boeing Case Study Competition, and the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition.

Do I have to declare a major for Business when I apply to CSULB?

Yes. Applying via CalState Apply presents 8 major options for the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree: Accountancy, FinanceManagement Information Systems,  International Business, Human Resources Management, ManagementMarketing, and Operations & Supply Chain Management. 

Admission to COB will be to a “pre-major” status. To continue in your major option, you will be subject to meeting specific lower division course and GPA requirements that will indicate your ability to succeed and complete the major option. Please note that major options can be changed.

What courses can I take my senior year to prepare me for the Business program?

Business curriculum requires a higher level of quantitative reasoning/mathematical skills. Courses in English, Economics, Calculus, Statistics, and Foreign Languages will assist you. If you are able to take an Advance Placement course and pass the exam, you will receive college credit and may not be required to take such courses as English, Micro or Macro Economics, Business Calculus, Statistics, or a Foreign Language.

Are there specific admission requirements for First-Time Freshmen?

To be considered for Freshmen admissions you must complete the following requirements:

Have a CSULB minimum eligibility score of 3,200 on CSULB’s Eligibility Index. The Eligibility Index formula is based on the old SAT (taken before March 2016).

(College Prep GPA X 800) + SAT Critical Reading + SAT MATH is 3,200 or above

Students who took the ACT or took the SAT in March 2016 or after, use the College Board’s on-line score converter to convert your test score to the old SAT on a 1600 scale.
  • Complete each of the courses in the comprehensive pattern of college preparatory subject requirements with a C or higher prior to high school graduation
  • Graduate from high school by the end of the Spring term prior to Fall enrollment.

What are my chances of being admitted to CSULB and the COB?

Applicants will be admitted based on the Eligibility Index. Applicants who are considered “local” based on their high school of graduation or military status will be offered admission if they meet the minimum Eligibility Index required of the major (3,200 for COB). Other applicants will be ranked by their Eligibility Index and will be offered admission on a space-available basis in the major or college.

How do I know if I am considered a “local” applicant?

CSULB determines which freshmen and transfer applicants will receive “Local Preference” for admission consideration based on their high school of graduation. For a map and list of local area schools, please refer to Local Area Preference for Freshmen and Transfers. 

As part of our commitment to provide access to U.S. military personnel and veterans, CSULB gives “Local Preference” to all U.S. military personnel and veterans regardless of their school of origin.

What type of support will I receive from COB?

COB places high importance on the success of our students.  COB’s Center for Student Success (CSS) is where students receive one-on-one advising throughout their college career at CSULB. The main goal of our center is to ease the transition, increase graduation rates, and focus on career preparedness. Through CSS, students receive services such as assistance with registration, use of campus resources, major and General Education graduation requirements, study abroad, program planning, course substitutions/equivalencies, Mandatory Freshmen Workshops the first two semesters to help new students plan for academic success, as well as provide continued guidance through graduation. In addition, we provide our students with resources such as Supplemental Instruction and free COB Tutoring to enhance their educational potential.