Research Seminar Series: March 29

Department of Marketing Research Seminar (Spring 2024)

  • Department of Marketing Research Seminar (Spring 2024)
  • Date: Friday, March 29, 2024
  • Time: 3:30 PM - 5 PM
  • COB 214 / Zoom (ID: 818 630 9756)
  • Light refreshments will be offered in COB 214

Aiden Lee: Engaging First Impressions: Predicting Viewer Engagement with Video Ads Through Visual and Audio Saliency

Abstract: This study examines how visual and audio saliency impacts viewer engagement with digital ads, a vital concern for brand managers in today‚Äôs quick-swipe digital environment. It highlights that while ad creativity and narrative structure matter, viewer decisions in the initial seconds are crucial. Utilizing a novel deep learning algorithm, the research predicts engagement based on these sensory properties, revealing that simple yet visually rich content is key to retaining viewer attention. This tool enables brand managers to test ad engagement effectively without human raters, enhancing online ad effectiveness. The findings offer significant insights into optimizing digital advertising through machine learning, focusing on the the early moments of ad exposure.

 Dr. Max Alberhasky All Add-on fees are not the same

Consumers are often exposed to what we call opaque fees. Opaque fees are charges like processing fees, transaction fees, etc. Consumers dislike opaque fees more than paying a generic, higher price and more than comparable charges with other labels like sales tax. Charging opaque fees decreases purchase intent significantly. Consumers are unclear as to exactly why retailers charge these fees and why they are saddled with them. We posit that this lack of transparency and comprehension of opaque fees leads consumers to evaluate retailers who charge them, compared to those who do not charge them, as less trustworthy, and that opaque fees lower the likelihood of purchasing from vendors that charge them.