Department of Marketing Research Seminar (Spring 2024)

  • Department of Marketing Research Seminar (Spring 2024)
  • Date: Friday, March 1, 2024
  • Time: 3:30 PM - 5 PM
  • COB 214 / Zoom (ID: 818 630 9756)
  • Light refreshments will be offered in COB 214

Lay Beliefs About AI Assessment of Interpersonal Skills in Personnel Selection 

Dr. Young Eun Huh

We examine consumers' lay beliefs about AI selection tools and their consequences. While a field study demonstrates that AI outperforms humans in predicting interpersonal performance, a series of studies show that consumers perceive AI as less capable of evaluating interpersonal skills, leading to biased perceptions of AI-hired employees' interpersonal skills and causing interviewees to downplay interpersonal skills during AI assessments.

Does Breaking News Break Investors’ Attention?

Dr. Reo Song

We explore how unrelated breaking news can dilute the positive effect of a company's announcement of new products on stock returns. We show that the positive effect of new product announcements diminishes when investors are distracted by breaking news. This negative moderating effect is more pronounced when the news was unpredictable and for firms with a higher proportion of retail investors.