Visiting Students

Welcome visiting students and thank you for your interest in taking courses at The Beach!  Explore this page to find information on the CSU Online, Young Scholars program, Older Adult Degree Program, College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE), and other non-traditional academic programs at CSULB.

Cross-Enrollment (for students currently enrolled at a UC school or California Community College) is currently not available.

If you are not a current CSULB student, you may still attend classes at CSULB from another CSU campus for one term (you may visit for one term only) or attend classes at CSULB from another CSU campus while enrolled there at the same time.

Visit Visitor/Concurrent Enrollment for details. 

For Non-CSULB Students interested in taking online courses at CSULB. CSU Fully Online (also known as CSU Course Match) provides an opportunity for eligible matriculated students to enroll in one course per term offered by another CSU campus. The program is aimed to facilitate access to high demand, high success courses as part of the continuing effort to provide students with access to the courses needed to expedite graduation.

For detailed information, visit CSU Fully Online Website for Non-CSULB Students

As part of the Long Beach College Promise, the Young Scholars Program offers high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn up to 4 units of college credit at CSULB each semester. To participate, students must be enrolled in a Long Beach College Promise high school.

If you are interested in the Young Scholars program, please complete the interest form.

California residents who are age 60 years or older may attend classes at CSULB by applying and completing admission via the Older Adult Degree Program. Through this pathway, qualifying applicants may see greatly reduced fees but still must complete general university requirements for admission, registration, and enrollment.

Learn more about the Older Adult Degree Program (60+).


Additionally, the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) offers a catalog of classes for persons 50 years of age or older. There is no academic prerequisite for admission or to participate in these classes.

Professional and continuing education (als​​o called extended education) extends resources beyond the traditional university setting to accommodate the educational and professional development needs of today's workforce in a variety of program formats and settings.

CSULB is proud to offer a variety of unique courses, certificate, and degree programs through the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPaCE). 


CSULB is a vibrant, diverse public university committed to building connections with students, scholars, and partners around the world. The Center’s team strengthens these connections through numerous activities. We welcome thousands of students, scholars, and professionals to our campus each year for a range of degree and non-degree programs, and we offer a wealth of learning and research opportunities for CSULB students and faculty abroad. We are committed to working together to address the complex challenges facing the world today.

Learn more about the Center for International Education.