Registration Holds

You may be prevented from registering because you have not met a University obligation.

You can view any holds you may have in your MyCSULB Student Center, as well as additional information pertaining to clearing the hold and the appropriate contact information for that specific hold. Your emailed registration appointment notification will also include a notice of any holds placed on your registration access.

If you still have questions, you can submit a help ticket with Beach Central.


You are personally responsible for making sure that registration fees and any other fees or charges are paid on time to CSULB, regardless of who funds your education.

These charges can include payment for items damaged, returned late, or not returned, and can include course fees for some courses or activities.

You can review your account balance at MyCSULB. Payments can be made on MyCSULB or at the Cashier's Office, BH-148.

If you have an unpaid balance, you will have a financial hold placed on your academic record until the balance is paid in full or a written release from the originating office is received by the Student Financial Service’s Office, located at Brotman Hall 148.  The hold restricts you from receiving University services, including but not limited to registration, grades, and transcripts.

If the obligation continues to appear on University reports, your name will be submitted to the Franchise Tax Board. In this case, you permanently lose the privilege of submitting checks as payment for fees or services. (Acceptable methods of payment are cash, cashiers' check or money order). The State then has the authority to withhold amounts owed to the University from any tax refund to which you may be entitled.

There are a number of holds that can be placed on your record, which will prevent you from registering.  Holds can range from lack of immunization for Measles/Rubella, to non-compliance of specific testing, to a variety of other reasons.  In your MyCSULB Student Center, you should contact the office listed for that hold located in your student center.