Tor Hovind

Principal and Founder of Tor Hovind Design, Tor Hovind has worked with companies worldwide, tailoring their brand objectives to custom brand solutions. Professor Hovind is also Co-Program Head of the Graphic Design program at California State University, Long Beach. Within his tenure at CSULB, he has been on the faculty for over thirty years and was Chair of the Design Department (Industrial Design and Interior Architecture Design) for approximately six years. Beyond THD & CSULB, Tor has run a contract centered on think tank work for the National Security Agency (NSA). He has been an expert witness on numerous cases, notably for Coca-Cola on a trademark disagreement. He has also been associated with multiple national and international brands and has lectured nationally and internationally on branding and sustainability design topics. His teaching philosophy and graphic works appear in How, Step by Step, and CMYK  Magazines articles.

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