Sunook Park

Sunook Park is a designer and strategist in the field of cross-cultural branding. In addition to his work as a professor of graphic design at CSULB, he maintains a professional practice in both commercial and nonprofit sectors through Sunookpark Branding a subsidiary of his company, ANDLAB and Associates, Los Angeles. He has worked as a consultant for many international companies, including Samsung, Hyundai, Jinro, Nongshim, Speedo, Nike, Anta, and the South Korean Ministry of Agriculture. 

His class at CSULB, Graphic Design Workshop, ART420, is a professional design studio course that provides students with direct, hands-on working experience with clients such as Disney, Hallmark, BENEV and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. ART420 is offered at the Long Beach campus during the Spring and Fall semesters, and in Seoul during the Summer semester. 

ANDLAB has also served as a vital community art platform, curating local and global art exhibitions for the last two decades. Through this venue, Park has organized over 60 solo and group exhibitions, spanning from genres of contemporary art to illustration, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, and installations, involving over 500 hundred emerging and established artists. He curated and produced Movements Seeking Balance during the COVID-19 pandemic, a virtual and onsite exhibition that hosted eight contemporary Korean artists at the Muckenthaler Cultural Center in Orange County, California. 

Through his consulting work with the South Korean Government’s Ministry of Agriculture, he focuses on bringing much-deserved international acknowledgment and focus to traditional Korean alcoholic beverages as healthy and sustainable foods with great cultural significance. In 2019, he wrote a book, Korea Suul Branding, and organized a series of International Suul Conferences in Seoul. Further, working with the Korea Suul Institute, his organization, California Suul Institute (, based in Los Angeles, California, works to develop Suul as a global family-to-family tradition and a pillar of food culture awareness and environmental consciousness.