Marian Stewart

Marian Stewart is an illustrator, commercial artist, designer, art director, author, and teacher living in Southern California.

Marian’s creative activities comprises two parallel practices. One studio practice focuses on mixed-media drawings and paintings. The other includes commercial and freelance commissions. The aesthetic and technical discoveries she makes working on the mixed media paintings informs the work she does commercially. These two practices are as inseparable from each other as they are from her teaching. Each supports and informs the other. Her illustrations have been published in six J. Paul Getty Trust Museum books and included in 3X3 Magazine’s New York Exhibition and the New York Society of Illustrators and Illustration West Exhibitions. 

She is the author and artist illustrator of Fundamentals of Drawing. An interactive digital book containing over 700 pages of comprehensive text, hundreds of drawings, and fifty video demonstrations illustrating the step-by-step process of a variety of foundation-level observation-based drawing projects. She is currently writing and illustrating Fundamentals of Life Drawing.

As the Foundation Program’s drawing specialist, Marian not only teaches Art 181 Foundation Drawing and Art 184 Foundation Life Drawing, she also trains graduate students how to teach these courses. She also works closely with Teaching Associates and helps them develop syllabi, course materials, course content, and pedagogical strategies that are consistent with foundation program goals and objectives.
Whether she is working with freshman or graduate students, she strives to provide an environment that is not only challenging and rigorous but also invites curiosity and encourages exploration by bringing her artistic enthusiasm and creative experiences to the classroom.

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