Kimiko Miyoshi

I use both traditional and non-traditional printmaking processes. I don’t really pursue a style or mannerism, but rather different visual characteristics or processes are utilized to explore assorted interests. My creative research is a tool for locating a bigger picture and how different ideas in my brain relate to one another, often guided by serendipity and its irrational logics.

After receiving an MFA in studio art degree, I built scientific exhibitions for Explora Science Center, a children’s science museum in Albuquerque, NM. This work had a great effect on my creative practice and observational habit. I am drawn to trivial and forgotten objects. I am attracted to phenomena that are too absurd to be taken seriously or too ordinary to be noticed. Some recent focuses of my work are to transform insignificant things into something visually striking and to invoke a renewed curiosity in the viewer, and thus providing a perpetual amusement in their life.