BFA in Art, Option in Illustration / Animation


Students in this track will take a series of courses to help them develop skills for the field of illustration. Professional illustrators create work for a wide variety of applications. Some examples are: editorial work for magazines and newspapers, comics and graphic novels, textiles/clothing and the home and gift market, technical and biomedical illustration, entertainment (storyboards and visual development) and advertising. Students will focus on building their skills in drawing, painting and conceptualizing to create strong work geared towards their area of interest using their particular strengths.


Students in this track will focus specifically on creating a body of work involving moving images. Examples include: a traditional hand-drawn animation reel, a 3D digital animation reel, an experimental animation reel (this refers to inventive non-traditional methods of animation using a variety of materials and methods, such as stop-motion animation), or a short animated film using any or all of the previously listed approaches. Students making a film will write, design, storyboard and animate their own film.


Students in this track will focus specifically on building skills for working in the pre-production phase of film, television and game projects. Some examples of pre-production art are: character design, storyboards, background painting, layout, visual development (which usually involves the visualization through illustration of environments, props, etc. in the early stages of a project, such as a film, episodic TV/Cable/Internet, or games), digital modeling (building 3D models digitally of characters, props, vehicles, and sets). Students will take courses with assignments geared specifically to these goals.