Visiting Artist Lecture: Wesley Taylor

Wesley Taylor is a printmaker, designer, musician, animator, educator, mentor, and curator. He roots his practice in performance and social justice. His work combines, oscillates between, and blurs these different disciplines. His work is multi-disciplinary as well as anti-disciplinary. His individual practice is inextricably linked to his constellation of collectives and networks he has formed over 20 years. Those collectives include Complex Movements, Talking Dolls Detroit, Design Justice Network, Athletic Mic League, and All Faux Everything. His work is inspired by elder knowledge, complex science, 90s underground hip-hop, punk aesthetics, and science fiction. Currently, he splits his time between Detroit, MI, and Richmond, VA, where is an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Graphic Design.

He has been awarded by Creative Capital, NEFA, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, and the Knight Foundation. He is a 2021-’22 Sundance Art of Practice Fellow, 2019 United States Artist Fellow, and a 2018-’19 Santa Fe Institute Artist-in-Residence. 

His writing appears in AIGA, and MDWfair. His work is covered in Vice, Fader, Complex, The Wall Street Journal, and Art in America. It has been written by authors such as Robin DG Kelly, Jeff Chang, Adrienne Marie Brown, and Ijeoma Oluo.

Date: Tuesday, February 14th
Time: 5:00 PM (PST)
Location: CSULB Univerity Theater, UT


Poster Image - CSULB Visiting Artist Lecture: Wesley Taylor