Visiting Artist Lecture: Sula Bermúdez-Silverman

Sula Bermúdez-Silverman received her BA in Studio Art from Bard College and her MFA in Sculpture from the Yale School of Art. Recent solo exhibitions include Here Be Dragons, Friends Indeed, San Francisco, CA (2022); Sighs and Leers and Crocodile Tears, Murmurs, Los Angeles, CA (2021); Neither Fish, Flesh, nor Fowl, California African American Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA (2020); Sutures, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (2018); Reconstruction, Project Row Houses, Houston, TX (2015). Through a practice of thematic diversity free from any material dependency, Bermúdez-Silverman interrogates economic, racial, religious, and gendered systems of power. Her relationship to materials is born from an involved and expansive research process; articulating the narrative history of contributing components both organic and synthetic. She lives and works in L.A.

Date: Tuesday, March 7th
Time: 5:00 PM (PST)
Location: CSULB Univerity Theater, UT


Poster Image - CSULB Visiting Artist Lecture: Sula Bermúdez-Silverman