CSULB Art History Professor Heather Graham to host digital roundtable

Published November 4, 2020

CSULB Art History Professor Dr. Heather Graham and the CSULB Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies invites students and faculty to attend our sponsored digital roundtable entitled Race, Nationalism, and Fantasies of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The roundtable will be on Monday, November 30th at 11:00am-12:30pm. (Zoom link to follow.)

Please register in advance for this webinar.

Popular western media often claims inspiration from the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the results are famously inaccurate in representing the past. Scholars have addressed this disconnect first by cataloguing inaccuracies and then by engaging with the cultural contexts that engender these misrepresentations. In response to recent resurgences of white supremacy, scholars have revealed the many connections between race-based nationalism and enthusiasm for an imagined European past.

This panel asks scholars working in this field to consider more deeply the connection between medievalism and white supremacy, and to interrogate some of the assumptions that have driven the conversation thus far. In what ways does “white supremacy” fail to describe the groups whose nationalism often uses the Middle Ages as their origin? In what ways does the spectre of the “White Supremacist” provide a scapegoat for more popular fantasies of race-based nationalisms? To what extent does scholarly focus on stereotypical types of medievalism ignore more feminist or socially progressive reproductions of the past? This panel seeks to further the discourse on popular medievalisms while identifying the current cultural function of various reproductions of the past.

Roundtable Participants: