CSULB Art Alum Francisco Palomares in Los Angeles Times Article

Published March 8, 2021

CSULB Art Alum Francisco Palomares is in a Los Angeles Times article this week written by Julia Barajas. Entitled "Why L.A. artist Francisco Palomares peddles paintings on a fruit cart", Barajas writes “From a distance, Francisco Palomares’ fruit cart looks like all the other ones that dot Los Angeles... But step closer. Instead of a man expertly slicing through mangoes or watermelon, you’ll find an artist leaning before a tiny easel, a brush and palette in his hands... It’s all part of ‘Francisco’s Fresh Paintings,’ an art installation and mobile gallery/studio through which Palomares aims to disrupt the customary distance between art maker and art buyer, mediated by a dealer. Every 30 minutes, he completes an affordable oil painting, transforming the process of creating and selling art into a type of performance.” Every Saturday on the corner of 3rd Street and Traction Avenue in the Downtown L.A. Arts District, Palomares sets up his cart – the Palomares Art Gallery – and turns out paintings (for only $39.99 each.) Go check it out!

Congratulations, Francisco, on the wonderful work!