CSULB Art Alum Diana L. Sánchez in Los Angeles Times Article

Published February 22, 2021

CSULB Art Alum Diana L. Sánchez was represented in an article written by Julia Barajas in the Los Angeles Times entitled “How Long Beach students are turning mail into the most personal art.” Sánchez—a DACA recipient while getting her BFA at CSULB—still has the bulk of her family living in the Mexican state of Querétaro and says, “To this day there is something special about seeing my parents receive letters from her grandparents after being separated for decades.” As Barajas writes, “Fittingly, Sánchez used a postal envelope as her canvas for an illustration of a monarch butterfly perched on a woman sporting ‘Abolish ICE’ hoop earrings… Monarch butterflies, which journey from the north to Mexico every year, represent ‘migration and resilience.’ She hopes her work will encourage others to re-imagine the U.S. immigration system and craft policy in which migrants cease to be ‘this imaginary threat that justifies injustices and cruelty.'” Sánchez’s artwork is part of an initiative called Couriers of Hope, which will give Long Beach Unified School District students the opportunity to exchange their artwork with professional artists, “transform[ing] envelopes into pieces expressing and exploring the emotion of hope, pointing out the beauty all around us in simple things and quiet observations.”

Congratulations to Ms. Sánchez and all those participating in this amazing show!