Public Transportation

For public transportation information around CSULB, view a map of Long Beach Transit Service to CSULB. Watch this video for an international student's perspective on transportation in the area:

Taking public transit to campus is easy! To determine the best route, simply enter your start and end destinations into Moovit available on both desktop and mobile devices. You can also adjust the departure time to make sure that the fastest route is suggested. 

The CSULB discount can be used by simply following the steps listed at Go Beach! Discounted Bus Passes. For additional information about the bus program provided to students, please visit the Parking and Transportation Services bus website. Please note: The CSULB Go Beach! pass is only valid on Long Beach Transit buses. For Metro or OCTA passes, please see the parking website. 

Those who ride the bus help fight climate change one ride at a time! 

Campus shuttles are free! They run Monday-Friday as a service to all students, staff, and faculty. Please show your campus ID card to the driver to board a campus shuttle. 

Full schedule hours and route info is listed below as well as on the Ride Systems App.

Shuttle arrival times are approximations based on averages. Similar to city bus operations, these times may fluctuate based on the amount of vehicles on campus, rain/other inclement weather, and ridership volume as additional time is needed to board large numbers of students or individuals requiring accessibility assistance.

Full shuttle route and schedule information is provided at the Parking and Transportation Services shuttle website.  

For students who would prefer taking public transportation to Los Angeles, please refer to the following basics in riding with Los Angeles Metro.

How to Ride

The first step in riding Los Angeles Metro is to decide your starting point, your destination, and the day and time you want to travel. To simplify that information, use the Metro Trip Planner, and you’ll get a customized itinerary of your trip in seconds, telling you what line to take, where to board, and where to exit and fees.

Metro’s base fare is $1.75. You can pay cash each time you board a Metro bus (bus operators don’t carry change, so you’ll need exact fare) or buy and add value to a reusable TAP card from TAP vending machines.

All fares can be pre-paid by loading a pass or Stored Valued (cash) on a TAP card and then tapping each time you board. On buses you can also pay for a single ride with a token or cash using exact change.

To learn more, please visit