Mission and Vision


As a leading global university, we provide quality educational programs and services to our students from around the world. In doing so, we promote global understanding and cultural exchange and foster mutual respect and appreciation for different cultures, languages, and perspectives.


CSULB will be a top destination for students and faculty from across the world. We will strive to create a diverse and inclusive learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, cultural understanding, and collaboration across borders.

Guiding Principles

  • Access. We provide programs and services that are open to all.
  • Innovation. We remain on the leading edge of higher education programs, customer service, and technology.
  • Quality. We deliver the highest quality in all that we do. Integrity. We act ethically and honestly toward our students, colleagues, and global community.
  • Equity. Our decisions and actions are fair-minded, impartial, and free from bias. Community. We recognize our role in an interconnected global community, and we integrate that perspective into everything that we do.
  • Empathy. We respect others and strive to understand and be sensitive to their experiences.
  • Diversity. We respect, recognize, and appreciate our similarities and differences.