Frequently Asked Questions

If have been admitted to CSULB and you are in the F-1 status, you must contact your current school's international office to request that your SEVIS record be transferred to CSULB at an appropriate date. CSULB can only issue the I-20 after your SEVIS record has been transferred from your current school.

For instructions on how to transfer your SEVIS record, please visit the Newly Admitted Students page and click on "Obtain your CSULB I-20." The CSULB SEVIS School Code is LOS214F00361000. 

If you have been admitted to CSULB as an international student on another visa status and would like to apply for a change of status, please email for guidance on next steps.

You may post by mail or hand deliver your final admissions documents to the International Admissions office at this address:

6300 East State University Drive

Foundation Building, Suite 185

Long Beach, CA 90815


  • Undergraduate students: July 1
  • Graduate level students: September 1

Yes, International Student Orientation is mandatory. If you are unable to make it to CSULB in time for orientation, please contact for alternative options.

While international students are not eligible for U.S. federal financial aid, they are eligible for some campus and other sources of financial aid and scholarships. Go to the Beach Scholarships site for additional information. 

Yes, as an F-1 student, you must be enrolled full-time. This means that undergraduates must take at least 12 units per semester, and graduates must take at least 8 units per semester. 

In addition, only 3 units of online courses will count toward your minimum required units. The rest of your courses must be have a face-to-face component.

As an F-1 student, you are eligible to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN) as long as you are:

  • Physically in the U.S. in the F-1 status and have completed the immigration check-in
  • Enrolled in a full-course load, and
  • Have an offer for on-campus employment, or are approved for off-campus employment by CIE.

For more information, go to CIE's Social Security Number site.

Yes. All new F-1 student transfers must complete the immigration check-in with the Center for International Education at CSULB so that you have properly report your immigration status to the Department of Homeland Security. By submitting your immigration check-in, CSULB can validate your F-1 immigration so that you legally maintain your visa status and are able to use the benefits associated with the F-1 status.  If you do not do the immigration check-in, you are in danger of losing your F-1 visa status.

If you do not think you will be able to make it on time to start your studies this semester, please email for assistance on the re-application process.