Cross-Enrollment (Non-CSULB Students)

CSULB is not currently accepting students in the Cross Enrollment program.

The following procedures will apply if CSULB reopens the Cross Enrollment program in the future:

  • Obtain the appropriate approvals from your home campus on the Cross Enrollment Form. This form is available on the Enrollment Services Forms webpage in the "Registration/Records Forms" category.
  • At CSULB, attend the first class session and ask the instructor if there is space available to enroll through cross enrollment.
  • If space is available, obtain the Late Registration Request Form from Enrollment Services. Forms are available beginning the third week of instruction.
  • Follow instructions for adding a class and obtain required approvals.
  • Submit the approved Cross Enrollment form, approved Late Registration Request Form, and $10 fee to Enrollment Services by the published deadlines.
  • Approved Cross Enrollment requests are processed after CSULB’s Census date, usually at the end of the fourth week of instruction. You will be sent a copy of your official registration once your request is processed.