Second Bachelors Degree

This section of the university website is specifically for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in pursuing an additional bachelor’s degree. If you are interested in pursuing a teaching credentialother credentialcertificate or master’s or doctoral degree, please visit those sections of the website for more information. 


CSULB accepts applications for a second baccalaureate degree only from highly qualified applicants to the following majors: Nursing, Engineering, Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Africana Studies, American Sign Language, American Studies, Consumer Affairs, Philosophy, and Natural Sciences (excluding options in Biological Sciences).  A second bachelor's degree applicant is admitted to CSULB as a graduate student.  Due to the special admission requirements for second baccalaureate programs, students admitted to these programs cannot change their degree objective or declare additional majors or minors.

Applicants who are interested in pursuing a second baccalaureate degree at CSULB must meet the major specific criteria required of transfer applicants. For Fall term admission, coursework and unit minimums must be completed no later than the prior Spring term. For Spring term admission, coursework and unit minimums must be completed no later than the prior Summer term. 

In addition, the following minimum post-baccalaureate admission requirements must be met:

  • Complete a four-year college course of study and hold an acceptable baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution by the end of  the summer term prior to Fall enrollment or the end of the Fall semester for Spring enrollment.
  • Be in good standing at the last college or university you attended.
  • Meet the minimum GPA requirements for admission to the university. This can be met in any of the following ways:
    • Hold an advanced degree
    • Hold a baccalaureate degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.
    • Hold a baccalaureate degree with a GPA of at least 2.5 in the last 60 semester or 90 quarter units you attempted, excluding lower-division and/or extension coursework attempted after the baccalaureate degree.
    • Students in the process of completing a baccalaureate degree may be admitted on a provisional basis, subject to proof of degree completion, if their cumulative GPA is at least 2.7 or if the GPA in their last 60 semester or 90 quarter units are calculated at a 2.5 or higher. An official transcript showing degree completion must be submitted or the offer of admission will be withdrawn.

The application period for Spring admission begins on August 1, and the application period for Fall admission begins on October 1. Be sure to review the application deadline webpage to verify the deadline for the term you are seeking admission.

When you are ready to apply, visit Cal State Apply to submit the university admission application and pay the $70 nonrefundable application fee online by the application deadline. Be sure to indicate in your online application that you are seeking a “Second Bachelor’s Degree” in order to locate the program in Cal State Apply. Be aware that the CSU does not offer application fee waivers for applicants for second bachelor’s degree programs. CSULB graduates or candidates must reapply to the University under the same conditions and deadlines as all other applicants. We will send you a notification by email to acknowledge receipt of your application. Students may only be considered for one application per academic term and will only be considered for the program for which they initially applied.

Please submit official transcripts from all colleges or all universities attended. All official transcripts are required, and they must be submitted to Enrollment Services. Official transcripts may be submitted electronically directly from a U.S. college or university to Official transcripts may also be sent in a sealed envelope to the address below:

Office of Admissions
California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

We will review your application and transcripts to verify your eligibility based on the minimum university admission requirements. Eligible applicants will be offered admission on a space available basis after considering all eligible transfer students. You will receive notification of your admission status after all decisions have been made.

How Do I Check My Application Status?

CSULB uses email as the official means of communication, so applicants are required to maintain a current email address on file with the university and check their email regularly. You may update your email address or check the status of your admission application by visiting the Applicant Self-Service webpage.

Can I Appeal My Admission Decision?

Denials of admission are made only after an extensive review of academic qualifications and weighing those qualifications against the competitive nature of our applicant pool; therefore these decisions are rarely overturned. Appeals must be submitted in writing within 15 days of the date on the denial notification and must include a basis for the appeal and supporting documentation.

Appeals regarding second bachelor's applications must be submitted to the following address:

California State University, Long Beach
ATTN: 2nd Bachelor's Appeal Committee
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA. 90840-0106

We will notify you by email within 4 to 6 weeks of our response to your appeal request. Only one appeal may be submitted for an academic term so the packet must be clear and compelling when submitted.

1. Submit YOUR FINAL Transcript (Provisional Admits Only)

  • What is “Provisional Admission”?
    Applicants for second baccalaureate degrees may be offered admission on a provisional basis if certain requirements (such as the baccalaureate degree) are in progress at the time of admission. These requirements must be completed prior to enrollment in the program, and failure to meet these requirements will result in the rescission of the admission offer.
  • What steps do I need to take if I was offered “Provisional Admission”?
    If you were offered “provisional admission,” you must submit to Enrollment Services a final official transcript showing the conferral date for your baccalaureate degree as follows:
  • If you were offered provisional admission for the spring semester, you must submit the final official transcript no later than January 15.
  • If you were offered provisional admission for the fall semester, you must submit the final official transcript no later than August 15.

After receipt of the final transcript, the admission decision will be audited to ensure all requirements have been met. If the requirements have not been met, you will receive notification that the offer of admission has been rescinded. Students will be allowed to enroll for classes prior to receipt of the transcript; however, if proof of degree completion is not received by the deadline, classes will be administratively dropped.

2. Contact the Department
Check with the department if you have questions regarding the courses you are required to take to complete your degree.

3. Check Out the Schedule of Classes
The Schedule of Classes is published online for each term.  By selecting the appropriate term, you can view the offerings by Academic Subject or by College. The lists are updated regularly to reflect changes. You can view the requirements for your program and the course descriptions in the University Catalog.

4. Register for Classes
Students register for classes through their MyCSULB Student Center. Each semester, you will receive a registration appointment via email. It is imperative that you have a current email address listed in your Student Center in order to receive your appointment.  Your registration appointment will announce the day and time you can begin to register for classes.

5. Review Costs and Financial Aid Options
Make sure to review the Tuition and Fees webpage under the “Graduate” column for costs and payment dates. Payment is due within 30 days of registration or by the pre-semester payment deadline, whichever date comes first unless you qualify for a financial aid deferment. Research the Financial Aid options for “Additional Bachelor's Programs” that may be available to help you fund your education.

6. Set Up Your Campus Email
CSULB students are required to maintain a current email address on file with the university and to check their email regularly as the university uses email as the official means of communication.  Activate your BeachMail account here.

7. Learn About MyCSULB Student Center and BeachBoard
MyCSULB Student Center is your online center for class registration, financial aid awards and personalized student account information.  BeachBoard is CSULB’s online learning environment that includes online course catalogs, virtual classrooms, resources and more. Take some time to learn about these online tools as you will be using them often during your time at CSULB.

8. Get Acquainted With the Campus
Explore CSULB! Learn about parking options and view a campus map (pdf) to orient yourself with the CSULB!