BME Labs

Contact: Dr. Siavash Ahrar

Lab’s Mission: Autonomous Machinery for Engineering Living Matter Lab focuses on developing tools and technologies for engineering and study of biological systems. More specifically, we work on the design and development of tools (e.g., microfluidic systems) for engineering and study of biological systems.

Major Instruments/Equipment:

  • Harrick plasma cleaner (basic bench-top plasma machine for surface activation and bonding of microfluidic devices)
  • Glow forge laser cutter (for rapid prototyping and patterning of thermoplastics)
  • Desktop CNC machine (Bantam tools for rapid prototyping and patterning of thermoplastics)

Contact: Dr. Shadnaz Asgari 

Lab’s Mission: The Bioinstrumentation and Computational Biomedicine Lab is an educational lab housing instruments/equipment for various courses taught in the areas of bioinstrumentation, biomedical signal processing, and computational biomedicine

Major Instruments/equipment:

  • Richter U2D digital laboratory microscopes 
  • BioRadio data acquisition units 
  • Pulse oximeter 
  • Blood pressure cuffs 
  • Nasal/oral thermocouple 
  • Spirometer 
  • Hand dynamometer 
  • Force plate 
  • Breadboard kit 
  • Piezo electric respiratory effort belt 
  • ADinstruments advanced teaching system 
  • ADInstruments exercise physiology kit 
  • ADInstruments oximeter pod 
  • ADinstruments human NIBP set 

Contact: Dr. Ga-Young Kelly Suh

Mission: The Cardiovascular Engineering & Device Innovation (CEDI) laboratory pursues research in biomechanics of human heart, vessels, blood flow, and medical implants. 

Major Instruments/Equipment:

  • Raise3D Pro 2 3D printer 
  • ELEGOO MARS MSLA 3D printer 
  • ELEGOO mercury-curing machine 
  • Stratasys Dimension 1200ES 3D printer 
  • Formlabs Form 3B 3D printer 
  • FSL 100 fume extractor 
  • Artec Space Spider scanner 

Contact: Dr. Perla Ayala

Mission: The Therapeutic and Regenerative Systems Lab specializes in educational and multidisciplinary research projects focused on the characterization of biomaterials, development of therapeutic platforms, and design of engineered tissues. The lab houses instruments for tissue culture, and biomaterials preparation and characterization. 

Major Instruments/Equipment:

  • NSF-45 certified laminar flow biosafety cabinets (Thermo Scientific 1300 Series)
  • Water-jacket CO2 incubators (Thermo Scientific Forma Series)
  • Temperature-controlled centrifuge (Sorvall ST1 6R)  
  • Dissection microscope (Bioimager BIM 500)
  • Autoclave unit (SterilElite24). 
  • Super centrifuge (Sorvall LYNX 4000). 
  • Evos FL imaging system for four-color fluorescence and transmitted light with multiple objectives, equipped with digital camera and monitor 
  • Real-time PCR system (Applied Biosystems, Quant Studio3) 
  • Lyophilizer with all required adapters (Labconco)
  • Uniaxial tissue tester fitted with a temperature-controlled water bath (Univert CellScale)  
  • -86°C deep freezer (Fisher Scientific Isotemp) 
  • NanoDrop lite (Thermo Scientific) 
  • Thermal cycler (Applied Biosystems SimpliAmp) 
  • Liquid nitrogen storage system (Biocane 34)