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Germany Study Abroad 2020 COB
Students in IB study abroad
7 day trip to Havana, Cuba and provinces The College of Business launched a new short-term study abroad experience in Winter 2022, which culminated in an 7-day trip to Cuba in January 2022.  In the face of COVID an intrepid group of five undergraduate students explored the realities of Cuba in contrast to what they had heard and read about here in the United States.  In essence, the five students served as ambassadors to not only CSULB, but also to the United States.  
Hamburg HAW CSULB COB 2021 students and professors on Go Beach Sign
The strategic partnership with California State University, Long Beach, further strengthened with €215,290 in new DAAD grants. The funding will go to student and faculty exchange programs in Media Technology, Business, and Social Work departments  
HAW Hamburg and Long Beach logo
Strategic partner  The cooperation between HAW Hamburg and California State University, Long Beach offers various tremendous programs for students and faculties
Hamburg HAW CSULB COB 2021 students and professors on Go Beach Sign
HAW Hamburg and California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)
International Business - Hamburg 2020
Every year since 1996 Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and CSULB business students get together in May in Hamburg for the German-American International Business Workshop. This year they are not going to let the unprecedented circumstances beat them. They will get together in a virtual workshop to work on research projects on the topic “Disrupt or be disrupted”. Each team of US and German students has a different subtopic to focus on.
Students on IB TRIP Singapore and Vietnam
8 day trip to Singapore and Vietnam in January 2019
Student Southeast Asia  Study Abroad College of BUSINESS COB
First Short-term study abroad class to the Southeast Asia Region.
Study abroad work in vietnam
Dates: January 5-January 14, 2018  CSULB’s College of Business is offering this comparative study of how international companies incorporate business development strategies