Study Abroad GERMANY with CBA 494 Spring 2023

Published March 8, 2023
College of Business Announces

Explore International Business in Germany with CBA 494

In collaboration with our partner university, the Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW), the International Business program will offer a short-term study abroad program to Hamburg Germany in spring 2023. In addition to class meetings held at CSULB, students will travel to Hamburg Germany during the last week of May. Students will have the opportunity to work with their German peers, interact with industry experts, and visit some of the most well-known companies. Interested students should enroll in class CBA 494B. Seats are limited and enrollment is based on FCFS.

Led by: Dr. Ming Chen

When: May 22 – 28, 2023

Travel Costs:  There is no cost for attending the program. Students are responsible for their international airfare to Hamburg and hotel stays in Hamburg during the travel period.   All enrolled students will receive scholarships to offset their travel expenses. 

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  • A unique international course in collaboration with our partner
  • university, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences
  • (HAW).
  • Enhance your international experience via projects, trips, and
  • interactions with German peers.
  • Scholarships are available for everyone enrolled in the
  • program.

Class details

  • Register in class CBA 494B Short-term Study Abroad.
  • Class meets approximately nine weeks during the Spring
  • 2023 semester.
  • The class is mostly held online.
  • Travel takes place from May 22 to May 28, 2023.