Cuba Study Abroad January 2022

Published February 1, 2022

7 day trip to Havana, Cuba and provinces

The College of Business launched a new short-term study abroad experience in Winter 2022, which culminated in an 7-day trip to Cuba in January 2022.  In the face of COVID an intrepid group of five undergraduate students explored the realities of Cuba in contrast to what they had heard and read about here in the United States.  In essence, the five students served as ambassadors to not only CSULB, but also to the United States.  

Thanks to the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC, a meeting with the Rector of la Universidad de La Habana, the flagship Cuban academic institution, was held where our students got a chance to meet the top leadership of the university and other students.  

In addition, we toured a local agricultural cooperative, explored cultural sites, and experienced not only the capital and various UN World Heritage Sites, but also some of the most interesting and dynamic cities in the provinces, including Santa Clara, Sancti Espiritu, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos. 

Special thanks to our host university; la Universidad de La Habana, and Professors Antonio Romero and Carlos Alzugaray for sharing with our class their deep understanding of the Cuban Economy and US /Cuban Relations. Finally, a personal appreciation is given to those Cuban students that made every effort to help our class feel connected and welcome.

Here is a testimonial from Allan Rodriquez.

My trip to Cuba was an unforgettable experience that exceeded my expectations. Initially, it felt as if time was still. However, by the last day of the trip, it felt like a dream where time had just flown by.  Our group had the opportunity to experience how life truly is on the island since we not only got to explore Havana, but also Santa Clara, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, and Cienfuegos. The connections I made with my classmates, professor, and all of the people that I encountered on the trip will have an everlasting impact on me.

It is hoped that the success of the Winter 2022 course will ensure the continuation of the program. We are actively looking at next year´s trip, starting in Fall 2022,  Stay tuned.