2023 MSIS Diving into Analytics Engineering in Entertainment

Published October 22, 2023

MSIS Fall Meet-up 2023 Our MS in Information Systems program hosted its semesterly Meet-up on Saturday, October 28. The event brought together a dynamic group, including industry speakers, CoB faculty and Staff, MSIS students and esteemed MSIS alumni. The central theme of the gathering revolved around valuable insights and strategies for embarking on a career in Analytics Engineering within the vibrant Entertainment industry.

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We were privileged to have two distinguished guest speakers: Greg Leland, Senior Analytics Engineer at Activision, and Christian Bourdeau, Analytics Engineer at Netflix. Their presentations illuminated essential guidelines for those aspiring to venture into this exciting field:

  1. Master the Fundamentals of Analytics: Begin your journey with a solid foundation in critical aspects of analytics, including statistics, Python programming, data visualization using tools such as Excel, and proficiency in SQL for data manipulation.
  2.  Contextual Understanding: Recognize the importance of understanding the specific domain or context within the industry that piques your interest. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of the industry's unique intricacies and trends will be immensely beneficial.
  3. Craft a Portfolio of Personal Projects: Demonstrating your skills through personal projects is invaluable. Develop a portfolio that showcases your practical abilities and highlights your passion for analytics engineering.
  4. Network Actively: Actively participate in networking events and consistently expand your professional connections. The relationships you foster within the industry can provide valuable opportunities and insights.
  5.  Leverage LinkedIn: Leverage platforms like LinkedIn to document your passion for analytics. Share your experiences, achievements, and insights in the field to establish a strong online presence and connect with like-minded professionals.

The meet-up provided an excellent platform for students and alumni to gain wisdom from experts and interact with peers. The tips shared by Greg Leland and Christian Bourdeau will undoubtedly guide aspiring analytics engineers in the entertainment industry on their path to success.