BIG Interest Form

Beach Investment Group Interest Form

The Beach Investment Group (BIG) is an honors-level program out of the College of Business. The objective of the Beach Investment Group is to provide its participants with the opportunity to obtain experience in security analysis and portfolio management utilizing multiple real-dollar portfolios; the Seegers Fund, the 49er SMIF Fund, and the CFAOC SMIF Portfolio. Our total assets under management are roughly $800,000. 

BIG is currently seeking students who are not only interested, but who are seeking careers in finance, security analysis, and/or portfolio/asset management. 

Aside from the experience you would get by participating in the program, you will have ample opportunities to build your professional network and participate in other value-add activities to bolster your resume. In addition, the Beach Investment Group is affiliated with the CFA Institute through the University Affiliate Program. 

If this is an opportunity you are interested in, the Beach Investment Group would like to invite you to our BIG General Information Session and BIG Bootcamp Information Sessions respectively. Both sessions are on Zoom, but we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you attend in person. FMA will also be hosting BIG for the BIG Workshop series where the Beach Investment Group will be going over important topics to prepare applicants for the summer boot camp and the program.

The three workshops will cover:

  1. Equity Styles of Investing
  2. Crafting your narrative and Economic Forecasting
  3. Valuation Models and Screening for Securities

If you would like more information and stay up to date with the BIG Cohort application process, please fill out the form below.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

-Beach Investment Group Executive Team

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