2018 TCM Investment Conference

Published November 27, 2018

CSULB College of Business Finance Team Win 2nd Bloomberg Challenge

TCM Student Investment Conference : Bloomberg Investment challenge

College of Business Students of Finance attended and placed 2nd at the TCM Student Investment Conference, The TCM is a conference dedicated to students who wish to learn more about or pursue a career in investment finance. The conference is hosted by Titan Capital Management in which they invite local practitioners to host workshops on various subjects such as investment banking, private equity, company valuations, and more. Students are given the opportunity to enter into contests with a chance to win scholarship rewards. In addition, the conference is also used as a platform to network with industry professionals for career advice and/or potential job opportunities. 

Students at 2018 TCM Conference COB
  • Front row: Zula Battulga,Sammy Tonorio,Queeny Lim,Sheyenn Temple,Sierra Lippold,Natalie Sleem
  • Back row: Gabriel Saca, Dr. Peter Ammermann, Brian de la Torre, Skyler Minard


The 2018 TMC conference was a great opportunity to get to know students from the surrounding schools. Even in the competitive environment of the Bloomberg challenge, we shared some knowledge and discussed strategies. The conference offered presentations from professionals and professors about various topics such as fixed income, economic analysis and financial planning; all were very interesting and interactive. CSULB students were pleased to be invited to the event, and benefitted from the information and networking opportunities.  - Sheyenn Temple

Students at 2018 TCM Conference COB
2018 TCM Investment Conference was one of the most useful events I have attended. It helped me to see which career path could be suitable for me after my graduation. Many professionals with different backgrounds from private investment firms to insurance companies came to share their experiences with students. I really appreciate the opportunity to meet many professionals all at once and get genuine and honest advices. Also, all the seminars were really informative that showed us how we can apply the academic knowledge in the real word scenarios.The stock competition was engaging and fun activity during the seminars. It required my team to make thoughtful investment decisions with limited time and information in competitive nature.  - Zula Battulga  College of Business, Finance  College of Liberal Arts, Economics California State University, Long Beach 

Students on Fullerton Sign: Natalie Sleem, Sammy Tonorio, Gabriel Saca, Sheyenn Temple, Dr. Peter Ammermann, Queeny Lim, Brian de la Torre, Sierra Lippold, Skyler Minard,Zula Battulga