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Three Teams Announced ICBSC 2021

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Simulated Companies Press Releases for Competition 2021 

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International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC)

CSULB’s College of Business has recruited and selected the members of the three teams which will compete in this year’s International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (ICBSC).  It is the 57th year of the ICBSC and CSULB has entered 2 Undergraduate teams and 1 MBA team.  All of the members will run a simulated company as the management team (CEO, COO, CFO and VP of Marketing) over a simulated 7 year period.  They will make decisions for their company based on their strategy, goals, economic environment in which they compete, and reactions to their competition.  Other universities around the country are also entering teams and all will be trying to win in their groups.  Award categories are Best Overall, Best Documents (Strategic Business Plan and Annual Report), and Best Presentation (live to their Board during the intensive phase in April).  Stay tuned to see how they do and GO BEACH!!!