Results are Inclusive Marketing Initiative

The Inclusive Marketing Initiative has served nearly 100 clients since its inception in 2020.  Working with local, minority-owned businesses, the Inclusive Marketing Initiative aligns small businesses with students enrolled in MKTG 437 (Digital Marketing I) and MKTG 487 (Digital Marketing II) to deliver digital marketing campaigns through semester-long students projects.  

Fall 2022 brought 36 new clients to work with our College of Business students across five sections. Students gained real-world experience in creating and executing marketing strategy. Clients received digital marketing assistance with highly favorable results.  Matt Crawford is the COO of Toss it Up, a salad company aimed at promoting healthy food choices in communities of color. "The team's communication and vision were profound. They are excellent listeners and very creative, yet they stayed true to Toss It Up's branding and general theme,” said Matt. “If the point of this program was to test the professionalism, communication, creativity, and dedication of these students, then they get the highest grade possible.” Milton Galeas of ALPFA (the Association of Latino Professionals For America) echoed the same sentiment, "The student group was professional. I felt like I was working with a marketing agency.” 

The Initiative will provide digital marketing to 30 clients in the Spring 23 semester.  For more information, please visit:   Inclusive Marketing Initiative website