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Faculty present at Data Fellows Forum

Published November 5, 2019

"Shooting for a better, fast, and more efficient system: A study on students' timely progress to graduation.

The Forum was held on October 31, 2019, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm in the Anatol Center. The Project Description: Successful course enrollment and successful course completion are essential to students’ timely graduation. In this second stage of our research, we apply optimization models in course scheduling so as to improve the success rate of students' course enrollment. Specifically, we tackle the course scheduling problem in the College of Business, which represents a scheduling environment with a cluster of loosely structured degree roadmaps. We use data mining to sort out the critical factors that impact students’ timely graduation, and those factors are constructed into our optimization models.

  • Team Members:
    • Ming Chen: Associate Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Hongyu Chen: Associate Professor in Information Systems
    • Xuemei Su: Professor in Operations and Supply Chain Management