3 CSULB Teams Win Big!

Published April 21, 2020

CSULB competes with 3 teams in the 56th annual International Competition & all 3 won first place in their "World."

(ICBSC) held the intensive phase of its 56th annual event last weekend. Universities come from around the world to participate in this amazing opportunity to compete in a very complex simulation of a production company that they run over the semester and then it culminates in this final phase.

CSULB entered 3 teams.  They started preparing in December to be ready for the beginning of the spring semester.  They formed their company with a leadership team of a CEO, CFO, COO, and VP of marketing.  One team also had a CMO and the other had a Controller.  They prepared a strategic business plan early on, then an annual report and a presentation to their judges (their Board of Directors).

Each of the CSULB teams won first place for overall performance in their World.  And other documents and presentation awards too. 

"ICBSC Project and the simulation taught me to put together all the knowledge I have gained in traditional classes into a real competitive environment."  Art Acuna

It was an amazing accomplishment for The Beach.

 A huge thank you to Dean Solt for allowing CSULB to be the host school and allowing the competition to go on virtually.  The students learned so much and were happy to participate regardless of format.  It was worth it.  And finally, as the host university, we provided the overall administrator.  We are so fortunate to have Bruce Sparks in this role and are all amazed how he so quickly converted the Intensive Phase to a virtual format with over 130 participants.  Thank you!

Barbara Barcon  ICBSC Advisor @ COB for interested students (senior undergrads or evening MBAs) in next spring's competition can read our ICBSC information and contact Barbara.Barcon@csulb.edu 

(ICBSC) held the intensive phase of its 56th annual event la
Top left,  column going down - Barbara Barcon (ICBSC COB Advisor), Christian Mueller, Anthony Post
Next column to the right of the far left column - Jose Castaneda, Andrew Hoffer, Khodr Saleh, Arturo Acuna
Next column, 3 from the left - Zack De Boer, Sasha Bolivar Trouwborst, Sabrina Powell, Leah Espinoza
Far-right column - Vanessa El Gadi, Adrian Ruiz, Sam Foxall