To make an appointment with an academic advisor, please email the appropriate faculty member listed below and be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your situation/question.

Undergraduate Advisors

Doctor Jason Schwans

Dr. Jason Schwans 
Professor of Biochemistry 
& Undergraduate Biochemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.7778
Office: MLSC-249

Doctor Shahab Derakhshan

Dr. Shahab Derakhshan
Professor of Chemistry 
& Undergraduate Chemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.4865
Office: MLSC-338

Graduate Advisors

Doctor Young-Seok Shon

Dr. Young-Seok Shon
Professor of Chemistry 
& Graduate Chemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.4466
Office: MLSC-337

Doctor Deepali Bhandari

Dr. Deepali Bhandari
Professor of Biochemistry 
& Graduate Biochemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.2053
Office: MLSC-233

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