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To make an appointment with an academic advisor, please email the appropriate faculty member listed below and be sure to provide as much detail as possible about your situation/question.

Undergraduate Advisors

Jason Schwans

Dr. Jason Schwans 
Professor of Biochemistry 
& Undergraduate Biochemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.7778
Office: MLSC-249

Shahab Derakhshan

Dr. Shahab Derakhshan
Professor of Chemistry 
& Undergraduate Chemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.4865
Office: MLSC-338

Graduate Advisors

Young Shon

Dr. Young-Seok Shon
Professor of Chemistry 
& Graduate Chemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.4466
Office: MLSC-337

Deepali Bhandari

Dr. Deepali Bhandari
Professor of Biochemistry 
& Graduate Biochemistry Advisor

Phone: 562.985.2053
Office: MLSC-233

Documents and FAQ for Undergraduate Students


Can I take a course required for my degree for credit/no credit rather than a grade?

Most of the department's courses are designated as "Letter Grade A-F Only" in the university catalog. There is no option for "Credit/No Credit" grading in this case. All courses that count toward your degree must have an A-F grade.

Must I have a "C" or greater in all my major courses?

As noted in the university catalog, you must achieve a grade of "C" or better in each course required for the major.

What are the requirements to fulfill the pre-major and officially declare the major?

As stated on Enrollment Services, to be considered for admission to a major in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, applicants must (a) complete the minimum lower division preparation courses listed below (with a grade of C or better in each) while (b) maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.

  • MATH 122 and 123
  • CHEM 111A and 111B
  • general education courses in the areas of Written Communication (A1), Oral Communication (A2), and Critical Thinking (A3)

Students will be shifted from the pre-major to the major automatically upon completion of these requirements.

Documents for Graduate Students