Synthesis and Catalysis Research

Synthesis and Catalysis Research

The Department has a strong nucleus of faculty members working in these areas, including mechanism-based development of new methods and reagents for the synthesis of fine pharmacological organic molecules (Buonora). There is a focus on the synthesis of hemes and Ligand-heme systems (Lopez) and organophosphorus-based enzyme inhibitors (Nakayama) as potential drug candidates. Others use molecular recognition as a design principle to develop new synthetic molecules that are compatible with and capable of regulating biological function (Schramm). Efforts are also focused on researching monolayer-protected nanoparticles including Au, Pd, Pt, and bimetallic nanoparticles suitable for catalytic conversion of organic functional groups (Shon) and preparing organometallic and transition metal compounds with catalytic properties using specially designed organic ligands (Li). Current efforts are also focused on development of approaches to synthesize unnatural amino acids and nucleotides derivatized for incorporation in peptides and oligonucleotides via solid phase synthesis (Schwans).

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Dr. Paul T. Buonora
Professor (2000)
RISE Program Director

Organic Synthesis & Catalysis
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Prof. Lijuan Li

Dr. Lijuan Li
Professor (1998)
Department Chair

Inorganic, Bioinorganic, & Nanomaterials
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Doctor Marco A. Lopez

Dr. Marco A. Lopez
Professor Emeritus (1987)
Organic & Fe(II) Porphyrin Chemistry
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Doctor Eric R. Marinez

Dr. Eric R. Marinez
Associate Professor (2003)
HSI-STEM Program Director

Molecular Recognition & Catalysis
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Doctor Kensaku Nakayama

Dr. Kensaku Nakayama
Professor Emeritus (1987)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
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Doctor Michael P. Schramm

Dr. Michael P. Schramm
Professor (2007)
Supramolecular Chemistry & Molecular Recognition
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Doctor Jason Schwans

Dr. Jason Schwans
Associate Professor (2012)
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Doctor Young-Seok Shon

Dr. Young-Seok Shon
Professor (2006)
Macromolecular, Materials, & Nanoscience
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Doctor Hadi Tavassol

Dr. Hadi Tavassol
Assistant Professor (2016)
Materials Chemistry & Catalysis
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Dr. Julie Wahlman
Assistant Professor (2022)
Asymmetric Catalysis and Organic
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