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Department Seminar

Supported by The Allergan Foundation

Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 4:00pm via Zoom. All are invited to attend.

Faculty, staff, alumni, and students of the department will automatically receive a weekly Zoom invitation via email. All others may email the Seminar Coordinator for invitation.

Schedule for Spring 2021

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
January 27 TBD Dr. Dean Cheikh, JPL
February 3 Cheminformatics: Using SWIF's to Identify Binding Modes in Non-Covalent Complexes Dr. Eric Sorin, CSU Long Beach
February 3 Stepping into Light: Developing a General Photo-
Initiated Hydroacylation of Alkenes
Dr. Paul Buonora, CSU Long Beach
February 10 Fast and Accurate Quantum Chemistry Simulation
for molecular design and discovery
Dr. Fang Liu, Emory University
February 17 Uncovering the proteomes and transcriptomes of
cellular protrusions using Laser capture
Dr. Karine Gousset, CSU Fresno
February 24 TBD Dr. Yuan Ping, US Santa Cruz
March 3 TBD Dr. Ravi Kurumbail, Pfizer, R&D
March 10 Recombinant protein-polymers in medicine and
Dr. Andrew MacKay, USC
March 17 Single-Molecule Imaging of the Electrochemical
Dr. Bo Zhang, University of Washington
March 24 The Fifth Element in Disguise Dr. Shiyuan Liu, Boston College
April 7 The Bioinorganic Chemistry of the Simple Nitrogen
Oxides (NOx): Not So Simple
Dr. George Richter-
Addo, University of
April 14 Proteins and Drugs Controlling Cancer Cell
Dr. Seth Rubin, US Santa Cruz
April 21 Earth-Abundant Metal Catalysis: Mechanisms of CC
and C-Heteroatom Bond Forming Reactions
Dr. Xiaotai Wang, University of
April 28 Development of multitarget inhibitors for the
treatment of pain: design, synthesis, biological
evaluation and molecular modeling studies
Dr. Stevan Pecic, CSU

Previous Seminars

The following are Seminars from previous semesters.

Spring 2020

Most of the Spring 2020 seminars were cancelled due to COVID-19.

Date Title Speaker and Affiliation
March 11, 2020 From Photooxidation to Photobasicity: Adventures Exploring Photochemistry with Undergrads Dr. Andrew Petit, CSU Fullerton
March 4, 2020 Oxylipins and HDL, an explanation for pro- and anti-inflammatory activities Dr. Gregory Shearer, Penn State
February 26, 2020 Epitope-Targeting Cyclic Peptides as Chemical Biology Tools Dr. Min Xue, UC Riverside
February 19, 2020 Twists and turns along the path of reactivity-driven methodology development Dr. Hosea Nelson, UCLA