Materials and Energy Research

Materials and Energy Research

Department faculty are engaged in designing, synthesizing, and characterizing materials with high thermoelectric conversion efficiency, production of hydrogen from water by harnessing solar energy and identifying materials displaying exotic magnetic properties (Derakhshan), developing inorganic-organic hybrid solid state materials for energy and environmental applications, and using ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents in materials synthesis and design (Bu). In addition, research is being carried out on detection and imaging of single molecules based on their electrical properties (Slowinski), studies on molecular wires and metal organic frameworks with specific coordination modes, which exhibit electronic communication and/or photoluminescent properties (Li), and gas phase spectroscopy (Brazier).

Doctor Xianhui Bu

Dr. Xianhui Bu
Professor (2003)
Inorganic, Structural, Solid State, & Materials
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Doctor Shahab Derakhshan

Dr. Shahab Derakhshan
Professor (2009)
Inorganic synthesis & Structure
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Prof. Lijuan Li

Dr. Lijuan Li
Professor (1998)
Department Chair

Inorganic, Bioinorganic, & Nanomaterials
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Doctor Stephen Mezyk

Dr. Stephen Mezyk
Professor (2001)
Physical, Environmental, & Biophysical Chemistry
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Doctor Kensaku Nakayama

Dr. Kensaku Nakayama
Professor Emeritus (1987)
Synthetic Organic Chemistry
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Doctor Young-Seok Shon

Dr. Young-Seok Shon
Professor (2006)
Macromolecular, Materials, & Nanoscience
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Doctor Enrico Tapavicza

Dr. Enrico Tapavicza
Associate Professor (2013)
Computational Chemistry & Materials Science
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Doctor Hadi Tavassol

Dr. Hadi Tavassol
Assistant Professor (2016)
Materials Chemistry & Catalysis
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Doctor Fangyuan Tian

Dr. Fangyuan Tian
Associate Professor (2015)
Materials Chemistry & Instrumental Analysis
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